As you set off from the grid, towards the first chicane, the ideal racing line is to be tight on the inside. Then over to the left on the approach to the second corner.

Entry into corner 2 is tight but you need to take it wide and then sweep over to the inside of the apex. Be careful not to run too wide into the tyres on the outside.

Then comes the long straight up to the hairpin.

To get the best line on this corner you need to position the kart on the left of the track. Be careful not to miss the braking point and run wide, leaving space for others to overtake.

Then towards the S Bends. There is plenty of space on the outside but try to cut in tight and hold position.

Then the return straight. As you approach the chicane, the kart needs to be over to the right, then a sharp flick to the left. Be careful not to turn too sharp and cause the rear of the kart to slide.

And down to the pit corner. You need to follow the curve on the outside and cut back in. Although this is the best racing line, it does leave space on the inside for other drivers to lunge in and overtake.

Then back onto the grid.

Average Lap Time : 38 seconds
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